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Downsizing Don – 04/13/12

End of Week 19! – Weigh-in this morning.  263 pounds.  So that’s 2 lbs. lost this week and down 26 total since the beginning in December.  

Did a treadmill run this morning and covered 5.5 miles in 65 minutes.  The first 20 minutes were a bit harder than normal, but then I hit stride and it went better.  

Supposed to warm up a bit this weekend, but with some rain.  If we get a gap in the weather, I’ll get out on the bike and get a solid ride in – looking for my first 90+ minute ride of the season and will see about tacking on at least 30 minutes of foot directly afterward for an outdoor brick.  If the weather isn’t cooperative, I’ll look for a 60/30 stationary bike/treadmill at the gym.  

If you’ve following these posts, you’ve noticed that I haven’t been putting in my daily nutritional intake.  Let me know if you find these helpful or informative.  I keep track of everything on so pulling the data in is possible.  If you are on Livestrong, come find me.  My username is Donnosooner.

Downsizing Don – 04/12/12

No gym visit yesterday.  Took a day off since I had two visits the day before.  Instead, I spent the evening watching the last couple of episodes of “Game of Thrones” (season 1) with my wife.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend it.  Although you will need to give it some time in order to get into it.  They take their time introducing you to the characters and relationships in the world George Martin has created.

This morning I was up and off to the gym.  Only did 35 minutes on the treadmill, but I did cover 3 miles in that time and got in 15 minutes of abs and back after that.  Weigh-in day tomorrow.  So cross you fingers.

Downsizing Don – 04/11/2012

Had my second training session with a coach last night (I got two sessions for free) and I’m feeling it this morning.  We focused on circuit training with emphasis on form again.  I worked chest, shoulders, arms and legs  . . .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I walked out feeling a bit like a wobbly jello-man.  The purpose of your typical gym offering up free training sessions, of course, is to encourage you to sign up for coaching on a long term basis.  While I would love to have the assistance once a week, I’m afraid it’s just not in out budget right now.  Which I explained to him.  He understood completely.  This is why we did the circuit training.  It was a good way to get a full strength training workout in and the machines help to get proper form so you can isolate the muscles properly.  Also note, the session was yesterday evening after work and yesterday morning I was in there at 4:45 AM for a cardio workout where I covered 4.48 miles in 65 minutes.  So I’m pretty wiped out this morning.

Downsizing Don – 04/08/12

Good day and Happy Easter!

Had a strength training session with a fitness coach yesterday.  We focused on arms, abs and quads.  REALLY feeling it this morning.  Ended up not doing much after the workout as my muscles felt a bit like jelly.  It was a much more focused workout than I have had when strength training.  Having the instructor there keeping your form correct and really isolating the individual muscles really works.  

So this morning, I say to you Matt (the trainer), “Curse you!  And Thank you!”

I had planned to do some yard-work yesterday, but that got put off due to the “jelly” feel of my body after the workout.  Today will be for taking care of that and from the looks of it, we’re going to have a glorious day of weather in Northeast Ohio.

Everyone have a great day!

Downsizing Don – 04/06/12

Had a weird morning today – finally broke through and hit the 5 miles in under and hour mark (though just barely – made 5.02 miles in 60 minutes) and worked out every day except for Monday.  And still gained three pounds.  I haven’t been eating excessive calories.  I wonder if it’s a function of adding in the weight training and possibly putting on a bit of muscle . . .hmmm.

Anyway, I’ll stay back at it.  I booked my flight to Denver for Memorial Day weekend yesterday.  I’ll be running in the Bolder Boulder 10K run on Memorial Day.  I arrive on Saturday morning two days before the race to give myself a couple of days to acclimatize to the altitude.  I expect to lose 30-40 seconds per mile running up there, so hopefully I’ll be able, by then, to finish in about 65-70 minutes.  I’ve got strength training tomorrow morning at 11AM with a trainer.  We’ll be setting up a more focused regimen to balance cardio with strength to optimize my performance in the coming race season.  So far I’ve only got the 10K in Boulder and the Cleveland Triathlon (August 5th) on my calendar, but I’ll be looking to add a couple more. 

Downsizing Don – 03/30/12

Got to the gym and took a different approach – STRENGTH TRAINING!  Worked upper body stuff (arms, chest, shoulders, abs) – I probably won’t be able to lift my arms later today, but I need to start working in more strength training instead of just the occasional circuit training.

Weigh-in day!!!  End of week 17 – lost 2 more pounds this week.  Down to 262 for a total of 27 since starting this!

Breakfast – Muscle Milk protein shake, banana (2)

Mid-morning – 

Lunch – 

Afternoon – 

Dinner – 

Calories Fat Cholestoral Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugar
430 11.8 5 112.4 67 6.2 23.6 33.8


Exercise Summary

Time Exercise description Minutes Cals Distance Heart Rate
 4:50 AM Strength Training  54   849 n/a  122 

Downsizing Don – 03/29/12

Up at 5AM after a long day yesterday.  

Breakfast – Muscle Milk protein shake, banana

Mid-morning – 2 donuts at work (bad, BAD! BAD!)

Lunch – Cobb salad (no chicken or bacon) w/vinegar & oil instead of dressing

Afternoon – banana

Dinner – sandwich (Arnold sandwich thin with chicken, american cheese and mayo)

Calories Fat Cholestoral Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugar
2225 94 52 2139 22 22 74 105


Exercise Summary

Time Exercise description Minutes Cals Distance Heart Rate

Downsizing Don – 03/28/12

Woke up a little later than normal.  Got to the gym and didn’t a 60 minute treadmill workout.

Breakfast – Muscle Milk protein shake

Mid-morning – Fat free yogurt, honey roasted sesame sticks

Lunch – Chicken sandwich on white with pepperjack cheese and mayo, 1oz. pringles

Afternoon – Chocolate cupcake, banana

Dinner – Sausage stuffed mushrooms (2), 1 oz. pringles

Calories Fat Cholestoral Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugar
2746 133 148 3431 238 18 79 85


Exercise Summary

Time Exercise description Minutes Cals Distance Heart Rate
 5:15 AM Treadmill – 5% Incline  60  1233  4.94 miles  147 
 5:00 PM Mowing/Yarkwork 90 433 n/a 120

Downsizing Don – 03/27/12

Up and off to the gym – feel much better today.  Good workout.  

Breakfast – Muscle milk protein shake, strawberries, banana, Fage greek yogurt

Mid-morning – Pear, banana, Hostess cupcakes

Lunch – Bowtie pasta w/meat sauce

Afternoon – banana

Dinner – salmon patty, vegetable spring rolls, pistachio ice cream (Honey Hut)

Calories Fat Cholestoral Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugar
2984 92 225 1656 335 22 75 161


Exercise Summary

Time Exercise description Minutes Cals Distance Heart Rate
 4:45 AM Treadmll – 5% Incline 65 1336 5.33 147

Downsizing Don – 03/26/12

Woke up late.  Feel kind of cruddy.  No gym today.  

Breakfast – Muscle Milk Lite, banana

Mid-morning – 2 banana cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting, fat free yogurt

Lunch – Bowtie pasta w/meat sauce

Afternoon – Hostess crumb cake, banana, Hershey’s chocolate w/almonds, gala apple

Dinner – 1/2 chicken sandwich, cheese quesadilla w/ sour cream, fresh strawberries & banana

Calories Fat Cholestoral Sodium Carbs Fiber Protein Sugar
2800 83 220 1855 363 22 65 190


Exercise Summary

Time Exercise description Minutes Cals Distance Heart Rate
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