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Triathlon Week!

Just two days left until the Cleveland Triathlon!

I won’t be incredibly fast on any leg, but I will be finishing. Just look for the big slow guy near the back on Sunday morning. Should take about three hours and thirty minutes for me to cover the 1500 meter swim, 25 mile bike and 6 mile run.

I’ll update after the race on Sunday and let you know how it went.

Quote of the day – 07/27/2012

“Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!” ~ Jillian Michaels

Downsizing Don – 07/26/2012

A bit sore from the run home in the heat yesterday. Going to get over to the pool and take a nice easy swim this evening to loosen up the muscles.

Quote of the day – 07/25/2012

“Endurance? You’ve only got to get out there and do it. Face up to it: man was meant to run.” ~ Percy Cerutty

Downsizing Don – 07/25/2012

Jog/walked home in 90 degrees this evening. 6.4 miles in 86 minutes – not terrible, but still a bit slow.

Running in the heat is no joyful exercise, believe me. But every session increases my cardio capacity and improves the speed – bit by bit.

Quote of the Day – 07/18/2012

“If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race-it’s up to you.” ~ Dave Scott

Downsizing Don – 07/18/2012

Got up and out at 5AM today – 60 minute run – 4.5 miles. Kinda soupy when I went out. 82 degrees and about 75% humidity. By the end of the run, it felt like I’d been swimming. . . .so does that count as a brick?

Downsizing Don – 07/16/2012

Didn’t get an early morning workout. Woke up with one of my dogs sick, so I looked after her before work. I did get a 4.6 mile run in at lunch – nice little burn on a hot day in Northeast Ohio.

As for that brick on Saturday evening (7/14), I swam for 30 minutes (750 meters) and biked for 58 minutes (16.5 miles). Overall not a bad Saturday with the swim and just under 35 miles total on the bike.

Downsizing Don – 05/04/2012

Good day.

I come to you today in an angry mood.  I’m angry with myself.  Yes, I have been working out – 5 times this week., but I have been kidding myself about my food.  While I’ve been averaging about 2300 calories per day, I’ve been eating some crappy stuff.  The past two mornings, I had two donuts on the way into work.  And the real kicker was eating two big cupcakes yesterday afternoon from the fancy cupcake place on the corner by the office.  Yes, I tracked them, but I also tried to justify it in my mind, “I’m working out, it won’t matter that I’m eating these, they’ll get burned up in the next workout.  I’m still at a caloric deficit for the day.”   NONSENSE!!!  I’ve had one of these sort of episodes every day this week where I’ve eaten a food item that wouldn’t be considered “healthy.”  “It’s just a couple of tacos and I’ve been working out here in the yard for 4 1/2 hours.”  (really it was six tacos throughout the day, but I digress)

The focus now would be to not hit M8 and pull the pop tarts out vending machine at work, but instead have an apple or a banana.  Trust me, I’ve had some of those, but not enough.  

The result of this behavior was me weighing in 3 lbs. heavier this week than last week.  Yes, I’m building muscle with weight training and yes muscle weighs more than fat.  BUT, at worst one would think with 5 hours of training and 4 1/2 hours of yard work this week, I would at least have maintained weight instead of gaining.  It’s obvious I’m eating garbage so it’s time to re-assess my choices of food during my work week.  No more “grabbing a quick bite” on the way home.  It’s important to plan meals and focus on what I’m eating more.

I’ve got to stop paying lip service to eating better and take action on it. 

5 Questions – 03/25/12

1. What are your thoughts on Sean Payton, the Saints Head Coach, receiving a one year suspension, the Saints being fined $500K and losing two 2nd round picks from then NFL for the “Bounty Program?”

Joe – I don’t think losing the coach for a year is appropriate, but the NFL was going to drop the hammer one way or another.  Losing Payton for a year will actually have less damage in the long term for the Saints then losing a ton of picks.  And one side benefit from this will be a much higher draft pick next year.

Mark – I’m glad that the commish actually did something about it… Similar thing happened when there were gambling issues within the NFL. Zero Tolerance. He has to protect the product, and that product happens to be human beings who like to try and destroy each other, but not enough so they are trying to hurt each other. let’s remember these football meat heads aren’t hte brightest bunch at times and you wave some money at them and they will do just about anything (I’m looking at you Joe Namath in your pantyhose.)

Don – Twenty years ago, I would’ve been in shock.  But twenty years ago, the concerns for player safety weren’t anywhere near where they are today.  I think it’s completely appropriate.  I would’ve gone a different direction on the team penalty, though.  Instead of a couple of draft picks that can be made up for in free-agency, I would’ve dropped their salary cap by $5M for two seasons.  That’s not something that can be made up and would be a true penalty.


2. Your thoughts on the Astros moving from the NL Central to the AL West in 2013?

Joe – Its a better move for baseball, the Astros have no rivals anywhere in the Senior Circuit, but I will miss the free 15 or so wins for the Cardinals.

Mark – Who cares?  Next question.

Don – It’s about time.  Not necessarily the Astros, but the leagues have been unbalanced for awhile now.  The Astros are pretty upset about it, but in the long run it’s good for baseball.


3.  Now that the Redskins have aquired the #2 Pick in the 2012 NFL draft (aka: the RGIII Pick), who will be the 3rd QB taken in the draft?

Joe – I’d guess Tannehill, but that will be a huge mistake for whichever team takes him.  It should be Old Man Wheeden, and a smart team would put most of his salary into his retirement fund and save cap room.

Mark – Ryan Tannehill.. probably by the Browns.

Don – Ryan Tannehill.  And I disagree with Mark on his destination.  I see him ending up in Miami.

4.  NBA bubble teams – who will be and who will be out of the playoffs at the end of the season – Eastern Conference: #7 Boston, #8 New York, #9 Milwaukee (or someone else making a late run) – Western Conference: #7 Denver, #8 Houston, #9 Utah (or someone else making a run)?

Joe – I see Boston making the playoffs, but I don’t think the Knicks will be able to hang on.  Blame Melo. In the West, Utah will make a run and Denver stays home.

Mark – Hello?! The Cavs will make a late season run for that 8th spot. See you in the play-offs non-believers!  Don’t know about the west and don’t care.

Don – The Celtics, despite their age, will hold on and make it and the Knicks will get it together and make it as well.  The Bucks are going to be left on the outside looking in.  Memphis is fading and I see them dropping late leaving the door open for Denver and Houston to be in.

5. Which NFL team that didn’t make the playoffs last season, will go the farthest into the playoffs this coming season?  Also, of the all the teams that made the playoffs, which will fall the furthest in the coming season?  (explain your reasons for both)

Joe – I’m going to take KC for the playoffs this season.  They were 10-6 in 2010, but had to content with a truckload of injuries last season.  And the team that falls off the most?  Easy.  Cincinnati.  Why?  Two reasons:  One – they had an easy schedule last season.  Two – its Cincinnati.

Mark – I have no opinion on question 5 due to my total lack of caring about all things football thanks to the Cleveland Browns and their epic failure as an organization

Don – It’s a bit of a home-pick, but I see Dallas finally getting it together and making a run.  They’ve made some solid free-agency “gets” this off-season and will get on track.  As for the biggest fall, the Giants.  I think they had a great run last year, but both Dallas and Philadelphia are going to give the G-men the beat down in the coming season.

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