Downsizing Don – 04/13/12

End of Week 19! – Weigh-in this morning.  263 pounds.  So that’s 2 lbs. lost this week and down 26 total since the beginning in December.  

Did a treadmill run this morning and covered 5.5 miles in 65 minutes.  The first 20 minutes were a bit harder than normal, but then I hit stride and it went better.  

Supposed to warm up a bit this weekend, but with some rain.  If we get a gap in the weather, I’ll get out on the bike and get a solid ride in – looking for my first 90+ minute ride of the season and will see about tacking on at least 30 minutes of foot directly afterward for an outdoor brick.  If the weather isn’t cooperative, I’ll look for a 60/30 stationary bike/treadmill at the gym.  

If you’ve following these posts, you’ve noticed that I haven’t been putting in my daily nutritional intake.  Let me know if you find these helpful or informative.  I keep track of everything on so pulling the data in is possible.  If you are on Livestrong, come find me.  My username is Donnosooner.

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