Downsizing Don – 05/01/2012

Good day!  Okay – so it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted here.  I haven’t been slacking off on the training – quite the contrary.  I’m up to 5.6 miles in 65 minutes on the treadmill as of this morning.  I’m also weight training two times per week on Mondays and Thursdays along with joining a weekly golf outing that started last week and getting the yard cleaned up and spring planting donw, I’ve been a pretty busy boy.  No excuse though.  I should’ve been posting every day to keep this updated. 

I’m 27 days away from the Bolder Boulder which is a 10K run in Boulder, CO.  I’m running it with a couple of friends I went to school with at OU – Julia & Jamie – should be a great time and a good measuring stick for where I am aerobically.  After that weekend, I’ll be getting in the pool more and on the bike which should be much easier since the weather will hopefully be much more cooperative. 

In case you haven’t seen the dashboard page for Downsizing Don I’m at 263 lbs. right now which I’ve been at for the past three weeks.  I’ve been feeling a little discouraged on this plateau, but the trainer assured me that the lack of weight loss was more due to incorporating more weight training into my routine and gaining some muscle mass which weighs more than fat.  Hopefully we should be on a downward trend again soon.  Until then, just have to keep plugging away and focusing on performance and form.