Downsizing Don – 05/07/2012

Good Monday morning to everyone!  

Busy weekend.  Took the dogs for a long walk on Saturday – 3 1/2 miles.  Took an hour, which for me isn’t really a fast pace.  My average heart-rate was only 102, but the dogs were beat afterwards and a tired dog is a good dog.  The rest of the weekend was spent working on our backyard.  We’re putting in some new raised beds.  The dogs enjoyed being outside with us as well.  Also went to see “The Avengers” yesterday.  Lots of fun.  Joss Whedon was the perfect guy for this one.  Get a comic book geek with some know how to direct a comic book movie and bingo!  Winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

This morning I did 35 minutes on the treadmill (avg HR of 144 with 3.01 miles) and 30 minutes of circuit weight training (avg HR 141)

Breakfast was a banana and a 14 oz. muscle milk.

Have to get in the shower now.  Have a great day everyone!  Looks like rain out there.