Downsizing Don – 05/16/2012

Good day!

Woke up around 6AM this morning – had a full 8 hours of sleep.  I had a very busy day yesterday.  Hit the gym at 5AM for an hour of circuit training followed by work and then 9 holes of golf after work.  This was my first active day since Saturday.  I was down sick on Sunday and Monday – did a bit of yard-work on Sunday, but ended up on the couch feeling light-headed which carried over into Monday with some “issues” in the restroom and just generally feeling “bleh.”  But we’re back on track yesterday.

There is a bit of rain out there right now, but it’s supposed to move off to the east by the afternoon, so after I get home from work, I will be getting on the bike for a nice ride.  The most important thing for me right now is keeping up the active lifestyle.  I can’t let myself fall into a sedentary couch potato thing just because I had a couple of down days being sick.  Always keep moving.