Downsizing Don

“The man who tried his best and failed is superior to the man who never tried”  ~ Bud Wilkinson

Don’s journey to a healthier happier body. 

Beginning Weight (12/1/2011): 289 

Current Weight:  250.7 (as of 4/3/2017) 

Target Weight: 210 

Total Weight Loss: 38.3  Lbs. left to reach target:  40.7  

4/3/2017 – Finally back on the trail. Did a 20 minute/30 minute swim/bike brick yesterday morning at the rec center and today a 30 minute workout at lunch (20 on the treadmill/ 10 minutes of circuit training). Getting off the bike yesterday, my legs felt like jello for about 10 minutes, but overall, it was good. With the circuit today, I did chest and lats with a little bit of arms thrown in at the end. Feel like I can’t lift my arms above chest height right now.

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