Michigan vs. Ohio State (11/24/2012)

This one has turned ugly here late in the game . . .no . . not ugly . . .stupid.  Yeah – that’s it – STUPID!  

I went to the Iowa vs. Michigan game last week for my first trip to the Big House in Ann Arbor which I will write about later.  In that game, Michigan had a great offensive strategy.  They used Denard Robinson as a running back, as a slot receiver as a wildcat QB and a lot as a straight up decoy.  It worked like a charm as he is the kind of player that draws a lot of attention from a defense.  You always have to account for him no matter where he is on the field.  

Today against Ohio State in Columbus, every time I’ve seen him in the game in the second half it’s been as a quarterback with Devin Gardner on the sideline.  When Gardner is in at QB, Robinson is on the sideline.  They haven’t even tried to throw today with Robinson at QB making a defensive scheme incredibly easy for the Buckeyes:  If Robinson is in, they are running the ball.  Sure, he’s got 122 yards and a touchdown rushing today, but they haven’t done anything similar to what worked so well last week.

What was the thought process here?  “Oh we did that last week, so they’ll be ready for it.”  If that is the thinking, fine, but at least try to make them work for it by having Robinson and Gardner on the field at the same time.  If you think I’m wrong, keep this in mind, after being up 21-20 on the Buckeyes at halftime, the Wolverines didn’t take a single snap on offense on the Ohio State side of the 50 in the second half.  

The Buckeyes scored a pair field goals in the second half and held on to win 26-21 over Michigan and finish their season 12-0.  The road ends here for Ohio State for this season as they are not eligible for the conference championship or a bowl game due to “Tattoo-gate.”

Michigan will go on to some bowl where I’m sure they will re-institute the Denard Decoy Offense and actually be competitive throughout the entire game.  

Let me just tack on my conspiracy theory here:  The Big Ten made a call to Brady Hoke at half time and requested they go into a shell with the offensive play-calling so Ohio State could finish undefeated and the conference would have a team that could possibly get an AP national championship which is good for the conference . . .right?